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Belgrade is situated on the Balkan peninsula and it is the capital of Serbia and Montenegro. There are 1.6 million cheerful and hospitable inhabitants.

It is built on a hilly area above the very confluence of the Sava river and the Danube, between the fertile Panonia plains in the north and green hilly Sumadia region to the south. There are 225 kilometers of river banks, 16 river islands including Ada Ciganlija and Large War Island, and the highest points the mountains of Avala and Kosmaj, as well as the peculiar south-east wind, called Kosava. It is often called “the gate of Balkans” and “the door of Central Europe”.


Belgrade is a city with an eventful history lasting 7000 years. It has been invaded by 40 armies, rebuilt 38 times, and the next year 2004 it celebrates its 600th anniversary of being the capital.During its growth and territorial expansion several distinctive parts came into being with their own characteristics and monuments which give Belgrade special colour and charm.

Visiting the archeological site Vinca, walking through Kalemegdan park, going to the lake Ada Ciganlija (situated in the center of the city), going to the green area called Kosutnjak, walking along the streets and taking in 19th century architecture, walking through the parks, enjoying the views to the rivers, enjoying the restaurants with excellent food and even better music makes Belgrade a city of positive vibrations.

Belgrade Arena

Belgrade is the Balkan’s sport center with 17 recreation centers, 600 sport buildings and over 1000 sport grounds for different sports. Belgrade “Arena” is the largest sport hall, a universal hall for all sport events: basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, athletics, ice rink and a hall for cultural happenings. It covers the area 37500m and seats 20000 spectators.Apparently, sport is the starting point in our people’s behaviour with the clear mind and sports spirit. The people here appreciate winners but do their best to be winners themselves. “All that I want I am able to achieve” would be the message of our sportsmen who have brought to this city countless world and Olympic medals, mostly golden from the sport events usually regarded as the most prestigious.

Pionir Hall

Basketball was played in Belgrade in 1936 at “King Alexander Hall” then in 1945 at “Mali Kalemegdan” when the “bright history” started with the appearance of the basketball giants. The first official appearance of the national team was at the Balkan Games in 1946 in Bucharest. Two decades later the myth of Yugoslav basketball school was created with the image of favourites and winners, always among the best in European and world top.There is a saying here:

The game is the law!!!

Welcome to Belgrade, the city of basketball.

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