Name: Virginijus Dovidavicius
Place of Residence: Kaunas (LTU)
Nationality: Lithuania
Date of Birth: 13.01.1964


Height: 182 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Marital status: Married
No. of children: 1
Favourite sports to watch: Basketball, Golf, riding, athletics
Career/ best moment in basketball: 2004 Olympic Games
Languages spoken: Lithuanian, English, Russian
Professional occupation: Golf Club Director
Hobbies: Harley Davidson
Referee since: 1983
National league referee since: 1985
FIBA referee since: 1992
Total no. of games called: 2500
Total no. of international games called: 380
Career highlights: 2004 Olympic Games
Final of Saporta Cup in the last season of Saporta Cup
1997 Universiade Mallorca

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