Serbia and Montenegro is situated in South-East Europe, on the Balkan peninsula with access to the Adriatic Sea.

Serbia and Montenegro covers a territory of 102,173 sq. km. Serbia covers an area of 88,361 sq. km. whereas the area of Montenegro is 13,812 sq. km.

Capital City:

The length of the borders of Serbia and Montenegro is 2,585,894 km and the length of the coastline is 294 km. Serbia and Montenegro borders on Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and FYROM.

The northern part is, for the most part, flat country, the central part is hilly and mountainous and the southern part is littoral.

The climate is continental in the north and Mediterranean in the south.

The legal tender in Serbia is the Dinar and in Montenegro – the Euro.

Number of Inhabitants:
SCG has a population of 8,148,576 inhabitants (without Kosovo and Metohija). The number of inhabitants of Serbia (without Kosovo and Metohija) is 7,498,001. Montenegro has a population of 650,575 inhabitants.

National Make-up:
Serbs account for 82,8 percent of the population of Serbia (without Kosovo and Metohija) and Montenegrins for 61.9 percent of the inhabitants of Montenegro. In addition to Serbs and Montenegrins that are the most numerous in their respective member states, the following national minorities live in Serbia and Montenegro: Hungarians; Romanians; Roma; Slovaks; Bulgarians; Albanians; etc. National minorities are guaranteed rights under the highest international standards.

SCG is a multi-confessional state union. Orthodox Christians are the most numerous. There are also other religious communities – the Islamic, the Roman Catholic, the Protestant, the Jewish community and others.

The Serbian language of the Ekavian and Iekavian dialect is in official use in SCG. The official script in Serbia is the Cyrillic script and the Latin script is used as well whereas both scripts are used on an equal footing in Montenegro. In the areas of SCG inhabited by national minorities, their languages and scripts are in official use as well.

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