VODA VODA – Water With No Alternative

VODA VODA – Water with No Alternative
VODA VODA originates from an ideal and almost unrealistically natural environment surrounding Gornje Toplice, the environmental pearl of Serbia. Entirely natural, clear and biologically absolutely clean water is being extracted from the depth of 273 cm and bottled directly with no additives or additional treatment. The water providing a perfect balance in the bodily process and ideally contributing the healthy condition of human body may be consumed with no restrictions. VODA VODA is natural, clean, color flavor and smell-free water packed in attractive and original bottles.

Si&Si Company stands for an exclusive producer of bottled drinking water in the domestic market, with its VODA VODA brand meeting all three water quality standards. It is bottled directly at the water spring, has no any additional treatment or filtration, and has recently acquired the health certificate issued by the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, Department of Physiology. As explained by the Si&Si Group experts, for any bottled drinking water to be allowed for export, all three quality standards must be met, that is, all three certificates obtained. VODA VODA is unique in that respect as well.

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